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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bob Dylan And His Band Announce August 30th Stop At WY&CC

Salisbury, MD – Bob Dylan and his Band released their summer North American concert dates this morning. The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury, MD is scheduled for Thursday, August 30th. Tickets for the 7:30pm show go on sale Friday, June 29th.

Dylan, who has not performed on the Eastern Shore since 1994, is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fammer and Pullitzer Prize winner. His singing and songwriting is recognized not just for its artistic value, but for capturing the voice of a generation. Beginning with his re-energizing of the folk music genre in the early Sixties, Dylan’s contribution to the music world continued with his embrace of electric later that decade. Throughout his career Dylan’s lyrics, songs and delivery have bridged the gap across folk, rock n’ roll and country.

Ticket prices range from $35 to $50 (additional fees apply) and are available online at, in person at the Box Office or via phone at 410.548.4911.


Anonymous said...

Bob needed to retire a long time ago.He was on an awards show recently & performed poorly.Guys like him need to move over and allow the young ones to take the reigns.He had his day.

Anonymous said...

Dylan is trying to spread the good music still alive on this earth.
most of the "young ones" are not even artists. they get in the studio and have their voice changed, someone else writing words and notes, and someone telling the band what to play.


Anonymous said...


This is why I hate Salisbury so very much. A relatively big name comes to our area and all you can do is complain? Seriously? If you don't care for Bod Dylan, fine- but why do you have be such a jerk? Joe, I don't think you should bother running for mayor- these people don't deserve good government.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! agreed 12:38

Anonymous said...

Have to ignore comments like 12:20

just a jealous hater, i'll be there

Anonymous said...

Bob will lock himself in one position while he performs.He will remain in that same exact stance throughout the whole concert.Everyone will be impressed by the opening act.Dylan really needs to go to the Delmar cornfield,I mean ampitheater.

Anonymous said...

The last time Bob Dylan played on the Eastern Shore was at the Civic Center in November of 2000, not 1994. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised at the last show, when so many young people jumped up on stage with Bob. He's supposed to be such a recluse. The road crew was helping people up onto the stage so they didn't get hurt and Bob didn't melt!