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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Speeding Councilwoman To Take Driving Course, Give Up County Car

WASHINGTON - A Prince George's County councilmember stopped for speeding released a second statement Wednesday after receiving some public criticism.

"I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize to my constituents, my County Council colleagues, and Prince George's County," Karen Toles wrote. "In addition to paying the appropriate fine, I will not be driving a county owned vehicle until voluntarily completing a driver improvement course to ensure my safety and the safety of others."

Toles was issued a warning for the speeding infraction last week, but did receive a $90 violation for an unsafe lane change. Police said Tuesday that a warning is consistent with the discretion officers have in handling speeding motorists.



Anonymous said...

Do you think this is the first time? First time she got a ticket, maybe! Give you odds the officer will now reach the proverbial "glass ceiling". That's the way politics works: insidiously.

Anonymous said...

The cop that gave her a warning for doing 105 in a 55 was either having sex with her, or this demonstrates how cops are in fear of their careers if they enforce the law against their bosses and politicians.

Anonymous said...

How does taking a drivers improvement class correct stupid? Only the state would allow that kinda stuff to happen and give her back the county funded car.

Anonymous said...

To the previous posters. The story tells why the officer was not able to give her a ticket. It also says she has had been cited 5 times since 2009 for traffic violations.