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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Newt Won’t Quit

In the wake of the Super Tuesday results that saw Newt Gingrich get beaten badly in every state but Georgia, more conservatives are talking about the necessity of the former House speaker dropping out of the presidential race if Mitt Romney is to be prevented from becoming the Republican nominee. Because Rick Santorum’s support was a multiple of his in every state but Georgia, the argument goes that it is incumbent on Gingrich to withdraw and allow Santorum to face Romney in a one-on-one battle in which the more conservative Pennsylvanian might be favored to win. Indeed, it can be argued that Gingrich’s presence on the ballot was the only reason why Santorum lost narrowly in both Michigan and Ohio in the last two weeks. If the sole object of conservatives is to nominate someone other than Romney, then Gingrich’s withdrawal appears to be not only logical but an imperative. However, the assumption that Gingrich will bow to these arguments ignores everything we know about him. Here are seven reasons why Newt isn’t likely to heed the call to withdraw:

1. He’s still holding on to hope of winning in other southern states. Gingrich’s camp is claiming he lost Tennessee because he’s concentrating on winning Alabama and Mississippi next week. But we were also told he was passing on some February contests to concentrate on Ohio where he turned out to be a non-factor this week. If there are any states where Gingrich does have a chance, it is in the Deep South, but given Santorum’s strength among evangelicals, the odds of him prevailing in either or both are dwindling. After another round of defeats, this excuse won’t hold much water.



Anonymous said...

Real reason: It will take three stooges to stop Ron Paul, the real winner in the contest. It's an age old recipe... steal the votes from the obvious leader and he can't win. Three stooges; President "Newt", President "Mitt", and President "Rick".

All garbage, but since there's three, they may be able to put up enough smoke and mirrors to keep you from voting for Ron Paul.

Don't let them win.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, dude, let the "Ron Paul is God" stuff go. He is not going to be the nominee under any set of circumstances. Putting all of your attention on him takes your focus away from defeating Obama, if that is what you really want.

Paul is over. Get ready to start supporting whoever comes out of this mess.