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Thursday, March 08, 2012


As jobs continue to flee our country, more and more people simply can’t find work. After a few weeks or months, they simply give up. Regardless of what bullshit statistics the government reports, our economy is shrinking, and that means less jobs. So, now people that used to work or want to work can’t find work and are joining the millions that have never worked. The Welfare and disability roles are absolutely exploding. The entitlement bus is getting more and more packed every day. In Rome, the “right to relief was hereditary”, Welfare entitlement was passed from generation to generation. So it is today. The bread is supplied by 46 million SNAP cards, and the circus is supplied by big screen T.V.s, iphones, and satellites, all provided for free to entitlement recipients.

This is no longer a trend. Given our contracting economy, and $500 billion leaving our country every year in the trade deficit (so people can buy Japanese and Korean cars, and piles of Chinese crap), it is only going to get bigger and bigger. Being an entitlement recipient is the new normal. It’s not reserved just for girls having kids while in high school any longer. The number of people that do work will continue to support a larger and larger entitlement class. Obama and the democrats will continue spending and borrowing money to support these voters.

Today, the number of American adults that can’t take care of themselves is at an all-time record high. So what are we going to do if the number of people dependent on the government keeps going up? Some folks like to point out that most Americans that have recently become dependent on the government would rather be working, but because of a lack of jobs they have gotten into a position where they cannot take care of themselves anymore.



Anonymous said...

The government has created a colossal beast it cannot continue to feed, clothe and shelter.
Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. This law has been circumvented by intervention on multiple levels, completely reversing human genetic evolution.
The human species will not continue to survive if it follows this doctrine.
There will be a breaking point in our society when people that still manage to think coherently will see we have bred a new generation of being. One without moral or conscience, psychologically and intellectually inferior, incapable of sustaining basic necessities to live life. Basically, at least half of the people on government life support! (just a scientific observation)

Anonymous said...

Grow a garden and feed the local elderly. They will provide you with a bond you will never forget! And they'll teach you how to can and dry the overage for the winter months. Try it!

Gubmint ain't gonna help.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,it will take total economic collapse to reverse our downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that the parks and recreation department doesn't want you to feed the animals, they might become dependent on it and attack you for food

Anonymous said...

@ 8:10,
Awesome analogy!!