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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comedian Chris Rock Attacks Camera After Being Asked About Alleged Tea Party Racism

Count comedian Chris Rock as yet another liberal who can't bear to take not just criticism but even an innocent question about his beliefs.

Under light questioning from conservative author Jason Mattera, Rock turned what was a regular friendly interaction with a fellow Brooklynite into a physical assault on a female camera operator when Mattera tried to get him to briefly explain remarks that he had made that the Tea Party movement was "insanely racist." Video below the break.

It seems pretty evident from the clip that Rock wasn't interested in talking even from the beginning but to get violent after such a tame question is the height of thin-skinned behavior, even if he was tired from all the festivities at the Sundance Film Festival, the location of the clip.


Anonymous said...

Ha, what a hypocrite. Let's see if SNL has the guts to do a skit this on this video.

Anonymous said...

Insanely racist? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Oh, I forgot. Racism is acceptable if you are not white.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. Racism is acceptable if you are not white.

March 15, 2012 10:26 PM

Not only acceptable, IT IS MANDATORY!!

This is drilled into their heads from when the can first utter a word.

Whitey this and whitey that. Don't trust the white man. He will smile at your face and stab you in your back.

We have to fight whitey every chance we get, with whatever means that are available to us at the time. Aggravate him. Harass him. Get in his way. Slow him down.

Get him to lose his cool and then we can really get paid, Whitey scared of us. He would rather pay us money than have an altercation.

He would rather pay us money than even be THOUGHT of as a racist.

Yeah boy. It's easy to take money from whitey. They skeert of us. Just make a mean face and be loud. They will run for cover and throw money at you. lol lol. lol.

Nice racket they got isn't it. Even the government will take your money and give it to them if they squeal loud enough.

Anonymous said...

Taking a closer look, the ordinary person would consider Chris Rock to be a radical comedian. The proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing is the odor of this batch I detect.
Rock is an ignorant,arrogant, ghetto blaster,who got lucky and thinks he is either cute or cool by mixing half-witted remarks with profanity before a crowd of intelectually bankrupt blue collar genre.
If you follow comedy, the crowd pleasers who fill the MOST seats at any performance devise life directed colloqualisms that are suitable for a general audience whom can relate to the topics presented without fear of embarrassment by a foul mouthed pygmy. The philosofer Confucius mused "It is better to remain silent and be thought a FOOL than to open Ones' mouth and remove all doubt.
To those who think Rock is some kind of a comedic icon, save yourself from ignorance at all cost, change the channel.