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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Florida Woman Fired After Speaking At Tea Party Protest

A Florida assistant state attorney was fired after she spoke at a tea party reported:

An assistant state attorney in Live Oak was fired Monday after she refused to stop speaking to tea party rallies and other groups, her boss said.

Prosecutor KrisAnne Hall asked a federal judge Friday for a ruling that would have allowed her to keep speaking and prevented her boss, State Attorney Skip Jarvis, from following through on threats to fire her if she didn’t stop.



Anonymous said...

Talk about a violation of free speech rights! Whoever fired her should be fired themselves over this. Someone should open a legal defense fund for this woman. I, for one, am waiting with check in hand. Please keep us updated Joe. This cannot go unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

You clearly don't understand "free speech," 10:21. The woman has the right to speak at Tea Party rallies if she wants. Her employer, who apparently doesn't like her doing that, has the right to fire her. Firing her doesn't infringe on her right to speak freely. "Free speech" doesn't mean you are immune to criticism or people reacting to your words. Please study the Constitution.