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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


On February 7, 2012, at approximately2:30 p.m., a citizen returned the missing beach umbrella to the OCPD after it was found abandoned still in the original packaging at a location near the Pour House Saloon in downtown Ocean City.

At this time, Ocean City Police do not consider the citizen who returned the item to be a suspect. Police recently received the image of this unknown male person of interest. Police are asking for the public’s assistance to help locate and identify this person. This image was taken during the “Baby Ava” fund-raising event onJanuary 28, 2012.

Police are still attempting to identify the person of interest captured by the Pour House Saloon video surveillance system as well.

Ocean City Police are continuing to ask that anyone with any information about the identity of the man seen in the surveillance footage or who may have any information about the theft to please contact OCPD- PFC John Spicer at 410-520-5295. You do not have to provide your name.


Anonymous said...

Low Life

Anonymous said...

Theft? Just what is theft? Some guy walks with a $125 umbrella and the OC Council raises meter fees by 50% in order to gouge another $500k from its visitors for which it gives nothing in return.

Who's the thief?

Anonymous said...

WTH why would anybody steal from a fund raiser?

Anonymous said...

let me tell you when the OCPD sends out a video clip looking for this guy for taking an item that didn't belong to him I absolutely think he is a scumbag. This is an opinionated blog and if he took the item by accident so be it he wasn't a scumbag, and when we are informed this was the case by the OCPD then a post will go up stating it.You are the same commenter that always tells me I'm going to be sued for everything I post so go jump of a ledge save the world from your ignorance

Anonymous said...

7:51 - I regret you have so much credence in any videos that come out of the OCPD and that they are unquestionably accepted. Do you still remember the taxi driver that was arrested and put in jail for months while THEY tried decide what she was guilty of? You know, the one with the many miscarriage births. Do you remember how much effort they put into destroying the reputation of a former K9 cop?

The Pour House is a BAR bar and it's great that they hosted an event to raise the charitable funds but you need to realize their clientele makeup. It's a BAR bar in downtown OC. A $125 for fun thief is the norm for these places and management should know enough to protect these things from happening. They aren't bad people and to make them appear as America's most wanted is unjustified. The "perp" probably knows the management.

The umbrella has been returned, right? Whats the (lousy $125) beef?

Anonymous said...

This time of year OC is filled with scavengers.