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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Washington State OKs Gay Marriage

Washington state Legislature passes bill paving the way for the state to become the seventh in the country to legalize gay marriage.

From Fox News


Anonymous said...

C'mon Maryland. We should have been first...can we at least make the top 10?

Anonymous said...

8:59...Wrong - give them the same rights - just don't call it marriage. Civil unions are sanctioned by the government - marriages are sanctioned by the church. Separate church and state.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that some churches already are doing same sex marriages, right? So . . . by your logic, they should have the freedom to continue sanctioning marriages if that is their religious belief. And I agree. Nothing in this law would compel a church that was against same sex marriage to conduct one. But by passing this law, churches would have the freedom to do so if they chose. Pretty hard to argue against that if you are for freedom.

Anonymous said...

The bells are ringing

for him and his guy!