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Friday, December 30, 2011

5 Great Uses For Old Computers

So you have recently upgraded to Windows 7, or maybe even a new Mac, but what should you do with the old Windows XP clunker that is taking up space in your living room? Older computers can still be put to another couple years of good use before they make the trip to computer heaven. For example, older computers can be set up as media center systems, with audio/video hookups to your surround sound system and TV. Another popular option is trying out a Linux operating system on the older computer. I have 2 custom built desktops, both XP era, which are running newer Linux distributions.

One option for the more technologically adept is to set up a home server, especially if you have several computers in your house. You can pay for a system such as Windows Home Server, or use a free one such as FreeNAS or Ubuntu Server. The free ones are solid competitors, but lack the graphical interface that most home PC users are comfortable with.

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Anonymous said...

OK, where is our home server you have been building for us????

Anonymous said...

take it to the wicomico landfill, they recycle electronics