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Monday, January 06, 2020

Bloomberg-backed group accused of planting anti-Trump lawyers in state offices

An organization financed by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is secretly underwriting an effort to plant left-leaning lawyers in state offices around the country, Republican attorneys general say.

"Bloomberg Philanthropies financed a group that is planting private attorneys into state attorneys general offices for the explicit purpose of pushing back against Trump’s regulatory rollbacks," the Daily Caller reported over the weekend.

According to the publication, New York University’s State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, which Bloomberg’s philanthropy supported the center with a $6 million grant, is working to "identify and hire NYU Law Fellows who serve as special assistant attorneys general in state attorney general offices, focusing on clean energy, climate and environmental matters."



Anonymous said...

This is subversion.. LOCK HIM UP

Anonymous said...

I believe there was some discussion about this recently in a Maryland office-- maybe the attorney general's office had a person that was handling certain things and was being paid from outside (ie- Bloomberg)?

Anonymous said...

We did have the "environmental" lawyer here in Maryland that worked for the State Attorney General and what a wack job! Thank God she was fired.

Anonymous said...

Frosh is one of Bloomberg's stooges.

Anonymous said...

His buddy George Soros is doing the same thing with his money / organizations.