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Friday, September 20, 2019

Report: Virginia Colleges Use Racial Considerations in Admissions Process

The Center for Equal Opportunity released a report this month that shows colleges in Virginia, including those considered elites on the university landscape, are considering race in the admissions process.

The center’s research fellow, Althea Nagai, compiled the report focused on five public universities in the commonwealth: University of Virginia, William & Mary, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and George Mason University.

“We uncovered a significant amount of discrimination, especially at the first two schools,” the center said in a press release about the report.

“Over the years, CEO has obtained data, as we did here, from public colleges and universities through state freedom of information laws, analyzed what we found, and released dozens of studies of schools all over the country,” the press release said.


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Anonymous said...

When the ENTIRE education system is ran buy ANTI AMERICAN and ANTI WHITE. What did you expect?? They CAN'T do ANYTHING on their own merit. They must CHEAT, STEAL, and LIE to WIN. VIRGINIA SUCKS. THE PEOPLE. THE EMPLOYMENT. THE SCHOOLS. PERIOD!!