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Friday, September 20, 2019

Candace Owens: In Their Extreme Lurch to the Left, Democrats Abandoned Black Americans

The Democrat Party has left black voters behind in its mad dash to the left. While the Democrat presidential candidates tailor their messages to the sensibilities of white uber-liberals, President Trump is running for re-election on a record of delivering unprecedented opportunity and prosperity to African-Americans.

Left-leaning commentators have begun to notice that the political views of white Democrats are now significantly to the left of the opinions held by the Party’s black voters on a wide range of topics. The Democrat Party has undergone a massive leftward lurch during the Trump era, but this embrace of far-left extremism has been driven almost exclusively by its far-left, mostly-white fringe. Black voters, who represent about a quarter of the entire Democrat electorate, are finding themselves increasingly out of step with a Party establishment that is rapidly abandoning traditional liberal values in favor of radical proposals that would completely upend American society.

This is borne out by recent polling. Nearly 70 percent of black Democrats, for instance, insist that candidates must explain their plans to create jobs, compared to only 39 percent of white Democrats.



Anonymous said...

And if the ILLEGAL immigrants started voting for Republicans the Democrats would abandon them too and fight to get them out of the country. It is just handwriting on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that black folks are beginning to realize that they've been scammed for generations.

That awareness is probably the one thing that is most likely to open the door to freedom..

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Any black who votes democrat is a brainless waste of air. Baltimore city is the perfect example. It's been run by democrats for decades and the place isn't fit for cockroaches to inhabit. All the filth and the crime in the black neighborhoods. You can bet any trash is picked up before it hits the ground in the white neighborhoods. Same with the schools. No mostly white schools would ever be allowed to perform so badly as the black schools. This because to the democrats blacks are still lowly slaves which means they mean nothing to them. It's okay all the crime in their neighborhoods. But nothing will ever change until blacks grow a brain and start to use it. Until then the deserve nothing but murder and to live in filth. Stupidity has consequences and when you are stupid you are deserving of nothing good.

Anonymous said...

Some do not mind being held down. It keeps them from having to go to work and they get free stuff.