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Friday, May 31, 2019

Customer Foils Robbery by Shooting Suspect Multiple Times

A Coatesville, Pennsylvania, convenience store customer foiled an alleged Tuesday night robbery attempt by shooting the suspect multiple times.

Daily Local News reports the incident occurred in the Turkey Hill Market, where the suspect allegedly displayed a firearm and “demanded money from employees.”

The concealed permit holder went into the store, drew his gun, and shot the suspect multiple times.

Fox 29 reports that the suspect was identified as Lawrence Galloway. He suffered “multiple gunshot wounds to the lower torso” and was transported to a hospital for treatment.



Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, he should have dropped the guy with one shot or maybe a double tap. The guy should have been transported to the morgue and not the hospital.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

He needs to check his sights guns shooting low!

Anonymous said...

More range time needed.

Anonymous said...

CC permit or not in MD his butt would be going to jail.

Anonymous said...


So true!!

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: First thing in the morning and I see an event with a happy ending. Makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Didn't go the way you planned, did it, Lawrence?