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Saturday, April 27, 2019

College: An Overpriced Scam

“You don’t have to be rich or famous to believe that your kid is doomed to fail if they don’t get a four-year degree. There are millions of parents in the country right now … who genuinely feel that if they don’t do everything they can to get their kid into a good school, they will fail the kid.” —Mike Rowe

Rowe appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to address the college-admissions scandal. Yet far better, he explained that college has become the most over-priced scam in the nation, saddling thousands of young Americans with decades of student-loan repayments. Repayments that have forced them to postpone activities like buying a house, getting married, or having children.

Postponements that are now impacting the entire U.S. economy.

“Where’s the outrage for the pressure that we’ve put on a 17-year-old to borrow $100,000?” Rowe asks. “So much of that pressure comes from their mom and dad. It’s well-intended, but it’s kinda tragic.”



Anonymous said...

Just whose administration did this "student loan" scam come about. My choice was to pay my way and go to night school but I ended up owing nobody and still earned a degreee from Hopkins. I also paid for college for my 2 sons. It wasn't THAT hard.

Anonymous said...

You are old school. When you went to Hopkins it probably didn’t charge $600 a semester for an activity fee for which you saw NO activities except for stupid crap. You also probably didn’t have pay thousands for jacked up $$ books. You also probably didn’t have a meal plan or any of the other ‘suggestive selling’ items colleges tout now days. Look no further than Camden Ave to see the modern day fleecing for people wanting an education. I’ll give you a cookie for your night school rant but you’re not living in today reality. SU fleeced students by nickel and diming them to death with dumb fees which students see nothing of. Do the math. Say if SU takes in $1200 a student per academic year just for an “activity” fee, times 10,000 students, that’s a whopping $12,000,000 a year (2 semesters). Have you seen the students get $12M worth of activities.. ever? If that’s not a fleece, what is it?

Anonymous said...

that's right,,, you have been scammed....

Anonymous said...

I tripled my lifetime income with a college education. And that was here on the shore. Both my millennial kids have college educations and are already making more than me living and working on the other side of the bay. Go ahead and think you don't need it, or that it isn't worth it. That's what people without a college education do to try and think they are "just as smart" as college educated people. Education is never a bad investment. The debt is a bad investment, but not the education.