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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

WALSH: 4 Lessons We Can Learn From The Despicable Smear Campaign Against The Covington Catholic Students

On Saturday, the whole country was furious at a bunch of kids from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. The media, leading the charge, claimed that the teenaged boys accosted and harassed a group of Native Americans in DC. We were told that the boys surrounded and taunted and mocked them while chanting "build the wall."

Why did the students do this? How did it come up? What was the context? What led to it? What's the other side of the story? Well, these are all important questions but not questions that many people — especially in the media — bothered to ask in the first 24 hours of the story going viral. All we had was the isolated narrative and a short video clip that was supposed to depict this act of unspeakable bigotry but only actually depicted a bunch of white kids goofing around while a Native American man played his drum. A great many headlines claimed that the video "shows" teens in MAGA hats harassing a Native American man. It didn't show that. It showed the MAGA hats, yes, but nothing that could be clearly discerned as mocking or harassing.


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Anonymous said...

Some will learn, most will not.