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Friday, January 25, 2019

House Republicans Vote Twice to Pay Government Employees During Shutdown

House Republicans have now twice voted to pay government employees during the partial shutdown, but neither bill has passed the Democrat-controlled chamber.

“House Republicans have repeatedly introduced measures that would pay federal employees during the stalemate,” Rep. Mike Johnson, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said in a statement provided to The Daily Signal. “Unfortunately, Democrats refuse to budge.”

“It is disingenuous to express outrage over the approximately 800,000 workers missing paychecks, but then continue to vote in favor of withholding their pay. That is precisely what the majority of Democrats are doing,” Johnson added.

In a statement provided to The Daily Signal, Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., said Democrats’ failure to vote with Republicans to pay federal employees is telling.

“Before choosing to go home early for the weekend, 215 Democrats voted to deprive hard-working federal workers of their pay,” Hice said, adding:

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Anonymous said...

And the fat cheeto caved and reopened the govt

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about

Anonymous said...

And what the point of a shutdown if you're going to pay them.

Let 3:05 sit in his mommies basement and wonder where his next snap meal is coming from

Anonymous said...

Airport security is why he did it,airports been a mess.

Anonymous said...

There are so many government employees today that they could easily sway the 2020 elections and the dems know it so Trump had to give in and approve to reopen govt to make a deal for border security. Liberals are just playing games and it is so obvious.

Anonymous said...

This article is true that the Republicans voted two times to pay for furloughed employees. The second time being just before January 11, when only 6 Democrats votes with all Republicans in the House. Now do you see why a Democrat house was a horrible idea! Had the GOP held both House & Senate, there never would’ve been a shutdown at all. Imagine that.

Also may I remind you this little tiny detail about the shutdown. A majority of those furloughed workers donated and voted for Democrats. Meaning in essence they voted for their own paychecks to be quashed for a period. Maybe this 34 day shutdown will give them much to think about in the future. Their irresponsible voting had dire consequences for them on a very personal level.

Anonymous said...

First of all you need to make a stand. Either you are with President Trump or not. Don't go complaining when in your mind it did go wrll. The Government has reopened until 15 Feb. A committee has been put into place to work a deal. In Trump's case money for the Wall. If the President doesn't get the wall by 15 Feb then he will fund the wall with a State of Emergency. Don't you see he has put the ball back in the Dems court. Give Mr Trump your respect and keep up.

Anonymous said...

Good point.