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Friday, January 25, 2019

Democrats Targeting A Very Specific Demographic For 2020

Newly-announced presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris will visit South Carolina Friday in an attempt to appeal to black women voters, who have historically been a solid voter base for Democrats.

The California Democrat will visit with her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters during the trip to the early-primary voting state, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Ninety-two percent of black women voted Democrat in the state’s 2018 midterms, according to an Associated Press VoteCast poll. Black women made up 37 percent of the electorate in the state’s 2016 Democratic primary — the largest voting block when broken down by race and gender, according to a CNN exit poll.

“Black women have enormous power. We vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter what,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. The group is an American progressive political action organization.



Anonymous said...

Exactly what enormous power do black women have?? She summed up the ignorance though by saying "we vote Democrat no matter what".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black people have been voting Democrat for decades. Year after year and election after election, its the same empty promises and fairy tales that keep them in poverty. It's almost like they suffer from Stockholm syndrome to the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

"no matter what" pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

7:43 the fatherless single baby momma gravy train is pretty long...gotta reap what you sow..

Anonymous said...

have To ask yourself what can the demo crats do for these people as they removed all hope and have trapped generations with promises unkept!! republicans should be taking the torch and going after these votes. the baby momma gravy train is very long. the democrats should not be allowed to reap what they gave sown! they iwn the mess. republicans need to step up. this baby momma gravy train is long and touches allot of future children voters,young black men, fathers and families so yeah the demographic is pretty significant.

Anonymous said...

I guess Oprah and the Obamas will be there,,,,ho-hum,,,