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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Baltimore Mayor Believes NRA Promotes Ownership Of Rocket Launchers!

Like many other Democrats, Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh has a bizarre understanding of what the National Rifle Association actually does. She seems to think the NRA promotes the ownership of rocket launchers.

The Blaze reports:

Baltimore mayor apparently thinks the NRA supports private ownership of rocket launchers — and she’s fundraising off it

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) apparently believes that the National Rifle Association advocates for the personal use and ownership of rocket launchers, if one of her recent tweets is to be believed.

As a result, social media users mocked Pugh mercilessly over her assertion.

What’s more, however, is that the Pugh campaign has sent out an email using the claim to fundraise.

Say what?

The Baltimore Police Department’s latest gun buyback program — which is intended to reduce the number of unregistered weapons on the city’s streets — turned up a rocket launcher.

An actual rocket launcher.

Guidelines for the buyback included $25 for high-capacity magazines, $100 for revolvers and bolt-action or pump-action weapons, and $200 for semi-automatic weapons, according to the Baltimore Sun. The city also offered $500 for fully automatic weapons.

The rocket launcher reportedly fetched $500, though it wasn’t fully automatic.

View image on Twitter.



Anonymous said...

Please remember this is the same "Special" Mayor who said the people needed space to destroy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ever notice how smart people limit the number of children they have so they can teach and educate them properly, and the really stupid people just keep pumping em out? end result...lot's of democrats!
Might have to start requiring a IQ test before allow one to vote or run for elected office! poor jakey would be toast!
So we end up where we are!

Anonymous said...

you know that had to be one happy camper. a used non working rocket launcher for 500.00

Anonymous said...

Still more proof Liberalism is a mental illiness!

Anonymous said...

The ignorance of these affirmative actions is astounding. This one is almost as bad as the local naacp mouthpiece ashanti saying American prisons were like concentration camps. the ghetto garbage doesn't know the first thing about concentration camps and the atrocities that went on but typical of her type lies to try and rile up other immoral garbages like herself. Garbage nothing but garbage is all they are.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid uninformed Democrat Politian, It is against Federal Firearms laws to possess such weapons. If you do, you have to get Federal approval and be issued a Federal License to possess.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 4:55

Anonymous said...

That ungodly ugly woman needs to go hide that hideous mug of hers. Damn, that is one ugly chick!

Anonymous said...

You idiot - that was the last mayor.

Anonymous said...

Her too,