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Monday, December 24, 2018

Two Detroit women arrested after trying to steal from Target while store hosted 'Shop with a Cop'

Two Detroit women were caught trying to steal almost $2,000 of goods from a Target while the store was hosting a fundraising event for area police to help disadvantaged children pick out Christmas presents.

Keiana Wilson, 40, and 18-year-old Dana Johnson were apprehended late on Wednesday night while the store was packed with officers and children for a 'Shop with a Cop' event.

'I couldn't believe it,' Bloomfield Township Police Sgt. Dan Brown explained to theDetroit Free Press.



Anonymous said...

Smh, what idiots!

Anonymous said...

No one said they were intelligent?

Anonymous said...

That's some nasty looking women. Not to mention being mental midgets. More proof of their inherent ignorance. I bet they stole all of those clothes they are wearing in those photographs.