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Monday, December 17, 2018

Top Officials in Obama's FBI and DOJ Worked Sundays and Overtime to Plot Against and Frame Incoming Trump Administration!

Normally when salaried employees work overtime and on Sundays to get their job done they would be considered super achievers. But not so with the Deep State FBI and DOJ – their overtime efforts were all in an effort to overthrow the incoming Trump Administration.

The Deep State actors in the attempt to overthrow the Trump Administration were corrupt and criminal but they weren’t lazy. Before President-elect Trump’s Inauguration, these corrupt employees of the Obama Administration even worked overtime and on the weekends to usurp the will of the American people.

As they worked to set up the team Trump team, the crooked Deep State players were diligent in their plans to protect and cover-up the Clintons and the Obama Administration and their own criminal acts. In early January 2017, shortly before President Trump’s Inauguration, fired FBI leaker and liar James Comey met with President Obama in the White House with other Deep State players –



Anonymous said...

Just prior to the Inaguration they made sure all of the senate and congress were given notice of the fake Russian collusion info. Setting Trump up right from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

And they all failed.
which makes it all the more sweeter.

Anonymous said...

They have never worked harder in their life. They are well practiced in destruction, it's the only thing they are good at

Anonymous said...

The smart ones gave it everything they had and Trump kicked them in the teeth. Now that's funny,

Anonymous said...

7:39 -well said

Anonymous said...

There they are >> The ones who need to go to PRISON !!!!