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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

OVER? Hillary Clinton Bails On Speaking Tour, Heads Overseas For Wedding

Hillary Clinton appears to have officially called time on her and Bill Clinton's ill-fated "conversation tour," hopping a flight to India for a wedding without any word of rescheduling a canceled appearance in Sugar Land, Texas.

Last week, the pair, who failed to draw any significant attention at either of two appearances in Canada, announced that they'd be "postponing" the Sugar Land appearance because of former President George H. W. Bush's funeral, but promised a new tour date "soon."

This weekend, though, Hillary Clinton was spotted getting her groove on at a high society wedding in Udaipur, India, according to The Hill, and is expected to be in India all week, celebrating.



Anonymous said...

We should not allow those terrorists back in to our country!

Anonymous said...

She and Billy Boy renew what they had going for themselves. Maybe allowed to have several spouses there in India.

Anonymous said...

And the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Infinitive organizations paid for the private jets and 5 start accommodations. I guess "the children" that they are always saying they want to help will receive less now due to these expenses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll get real drunk, pass out and forget her way back to the US. What a wonderful thought that was!