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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

John Podesta paints disturbing picture of Trump in Europe in raising alarms about climate data

John Podesta has been making the rounds in Europe to warn the European Union that U.S. climate data needs protection from the Trump administration.

The former Hillary Clinton campaign manager was in Brussels last week to address the European Parliament on what he described as the necessity to combat the current administration’s open “hostility” to climate science.

Podesta explained in a Guardian op-ed that he spoke to parliamentarians about the "unprecedented threats facing the global understanding of climate change as a result of the Trump administration’s hostility to climate science, and [discussed] what European countries can and should do in response."



Anonymous said...

It needs to be tossed in the trash. Lies lies and more lies. No one wants fake news.

Anonymous said...

is this not considered sedition? he does NOT represent the USA. he us a crook

Anonymous said...

Sorry John, you're a loser; here's your sign...L

Anonymous said...

If the data is so important they why does NASA and NOAA keep changing the historic records downward to make it look like there is a warming trend?

Anonymous said...

No, don't delete it. Preserve it so that some individual in the future can analyze it form an unbiased prospective and prove to be fraudulent.


Anonymous said...

Europe just doesn't know what a crook Podesta is.