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Friday, October 19, 2018

FBI raids Puerto Rico offices after Trump hints at corruption

FBI agents raided a building Tuesday in Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan that is home to municipal offices associated with the administration of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, a vocal political opponent of President Trump’s.

"More than 10" but "less than 50" agents based on the Caribbean island arrived at the Municipal Tower at 9 a.m. ET and were still conducting the operation as of 2:30 p.m. when FBI spokesman for the U.S. territory, Carlos Osorio, spoke by phone with the Washington Examiner in the afternoon Tuesday. Osorio described the operation as "pretty big."

Agents were seen entering the Municipal Tower with dozens of empty boxes. The federal agents deployed to the third, fourth, 14th, and 15th floors of the 16-floor building, Osorio said. They were looking for any paper and electronic documents related to "corruption" inside the city administration's purchasing and contracting departments.



Anonymous said...

That's a start in helping the people of Puerto Rico,too much corruption for may years.

Anonymous said...

Expect anything in an entitlement zone like PR.Until you have been from one end to the other and from side to side you have no idea how utterly dependent PR citizens are on the US government.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of millions have gone to PR but the government's culture is that a lot of hands have to be greased to get anything done, not to mention the top people taking the big slices of the pie, leaving only crumbs for the actual work and policies to be accomplished.

lmclain said...

9:38 got it right.
The ENTIRE place is a mess. They gave away FREE ELECTRICITY!!!
The only problem was it wasn't really free.
NOW, they are $80 BILLION dollars in debt and want America to fix it.
The democrats want to raise YOUR taxes to help pay that 80 billion, too.
Keep cheering.