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Friday, September 21, 2018

When will Democrats wake up and resist the socialists' scheme to take over their party?

When President Obama embraced “Medicare for All” earlier this month, it was a remarkable moment. Not because the proposal will be adopted (it won’t) or because the price tag would bankrupt the nation (it would).

Rather, it was a remarkable moment because a former American president played the role of enabler for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Indeed, Obama’s endorsement was a moment of great celebration for an organization that for years has plotted to hijack the Democratic Party and use it as a parasitic host to remake the nation.

Here’s how.

Back in 2012, the Vice Chairman of DSA Joseph M. Schwartz and fellow Political Committee Member Jason Schulman published a strategy document that presented their dream of a socialist America and the political path to get there.

The dream was to abolish privately owned businesses, from small mom-and-pop stores to large corporate enterprises.

“Wealth,” they explained, “is a social creation and should be controlled by society as a whole.”



Anonymous said...

Who wrote this? The narrative is just bogus. Irrelevant. All Democrats are Socialist. They are the Marxist influenced party in America.
Republicans, Independants-good, decent hard working people. Democrats-bad, slouches, low life’s, criminals, mentally challenged.

Anonymous said...

The roads we drive on is a socialist idea