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Monday, September 24, 2018

People Share Their Worst Soccer Mom Stories, And They're Unbelievable

"Unfortunately for her, one of the spectators was a cop who promptly came down and restrained her. He then called one of his on-duty buddies."

We’re not trying to rip on soccer moms. They’ve got a tough job, after all—it’s not easy raising a kid, and when we think about trading in our premium sports car (a 2008 Ford Focus) for a minivan, we cringe. Soccer moms of the world, we thank you for your sacrifice.

With that said, we love to read about uncomfortable social situations, and when Reddit users shared their worst (and therefore best) soccer mom stories, we grabbed the popcorn and prepared for some truly epic tales of entitled moms. Here’s a few of the best, cleaned up slightly for grammar and readability.
1. When your story starts at McDonald’s, you know some shady stuff is going down.

“This one is a double whammy,” wrote Letra5. “It’s a double whammy of epic proportions.”

The writer, a Mexican-American woman (that will become important later in the story), was waiting in line at McDonald’s with a friend when a large SUV pulled up.

“A small tribe of soccer kids enter the restaurant,” she wrote. “I’d like to say 8-10 year olds. [They] go running to the playground while a rather thin, slanky woman (Hispanic, not white) walks towards the restroom.”

“She comes back, calls a kid over, and tells him something. The kid comes running [towards us] and asks if he can cut in line so he can get an ice cream cone. I stand there for a second, contemplating my response, because I fear I know where this s**t is going…but I cave and say, ‘Yes.’”


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