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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ryan Zinke Shifts Wildfire Debate From 'Global Warming' To Anti-Logging 'Environmental Terrorists'

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lambasted “environmental terrorists groups that have not allowed public access, that refuse to allow harvest of timber.”

Environmentalists use litigation to keep federal agencies from thinning forests, clearing debris or allowing logging.

Activists want to blame global warming for wildfires, but experts say the relationship between climate and fires is complicated.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spent the last week targeting environmental groups that have for years opposed activities, like logging and thinning, to reduce the risks of catastrophic wildfires on federal lands.

The former Montana congressman blamed “litigation from radical environmentalists who would rather see forests and communities burn than see a logger in the woods,” in a USA Today op-ed published Wednesday.

Zinke also called out “extreme environmentalists” in an interview with KCRA that aired Sunday. The day before that, Zinke lambasted “environmental terrorists groups that have not allowed public access, that refuse to allow harvest of timber” in an interview with Breitbart Radio.



Anonymous said...

Dave T: This is very real and very valid news. Where is the mainstream media? Why aren't they reporting this? Ooops, I forgot, it doesn't fit their agenda. So I guess that means they don't think they need to publicize it. What a disgrace! Thank you again SBY news for keeping people informed and for everything that you do.

Anonymous said...

And here we continue qith the nonsense. Both sides hurl bombs ("terrorist" vs "its global warming"). The truth, as always, lies in the middle and is much more nuanced. Climate change does NOT cause the fires but will make them more frequen and severe. These fires are more destructive now only beacuas emore people have moved into fire prone areas. Nature does a perfectly fine job at conserving/managing itself without human intervention. Butbif gi ou are going encroach in these areas, well you will need forest management. But zinke knows full well the results when logging and other companies can have unfettered access. The reason many people are moving into these fire prone ares is exactly becaise the forest resources are intact due to limits on harvest.

Anonymous said...

Let that lib state burn down.

Anonymous said...

This is the truth. Supporting wind and solar will lead us to the path of destruction.

Anonymous said...

Zinke is spot on. I remember many years ago this was discussed and debated over and over and the EPA and Tree Huggers won.

We Rarely had uncontrolled fires like this because back in the day people had common sense and they used it.

There's really NO excuse for these fires. In addition, the mountain slides and flooding would be much less than it is today.