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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Let this sink in....

2,700,000 U.S. kids have a parent in prison.

400,000 kids are in foster care.

And 765,000 kids are separated from their military parents not knowing if they'll see them again.

But the lamestream media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants who broke the law.


Anonymous said...

Lamestream media, is just that LAME. More concerned about illegals in this country than people who belong here. And, more concerned about getting those illegals all the aid they can as soon as they step the first step on American soil. Totally screwed up!

Anonymous said...

Actually I disagree. Truth be told I don't think the lamestream media gives a s##t about the immigrants. It is a hot button and contrary to Trump so something to pander. COme on, news is not news any more. The lamestream media has replaced the supermarket tabloids because real news isn't want people want to see. Fake news is juicier.

Anonymous said...

Look out - Releasing prisons into society is next. Vote Republican to keep criminals in prison and keep our communities safe.

Anonymous said...


That was last week's cause.

Today it is Paul Mannafort. And the former disgruntled white house employee.

Bob Pinto