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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Netanyahu: We Will Not Accept Anything Less Than Full Ceasefire

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday warned Hamas that Israel will continue to do whatever it needs to combat the terrorism coming from the Gaza Strip and will accept nothing less than a blanket ceasefire, at the same time as the results of an attempt by Egypt and the UN to strike a truce deal remain unclear.

“We are in the midst of a campaign against terror in Gaza. It entails an exchange of blows; it will not end in one strike. Our demand is clear — a complete ceasefire. We will not suffice with less than this,” Netanyahu said at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

“As of now, we have destroyed hundreds of Hamas military targets, and in each round the IDF exacts an additional heavy price. I will not reveal our operational plans here; they are ready,” Netanyahu said. “Our objective is to restore the quiet to residents of the south and the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip. This goal will be achieved in full.”



lmclain said...

1500 hundred rockets rained down on Israel in one day.
On civilian areas.
What do you think the USA would do if Canada or Mexico did THAT to us??

Turn them into a prehistoric rock pile.

The democrats FUND the PLO and Hamas. With OUR TAX MONEY!
They want to get rid of I.C.E.
They HATE America. You know, the country that made their families RICH (like the Cuomo's, who now say, AFTER getting rich on the American capitalist system, that America was "never that great"). WHY did their family come HERE and not float over to South America?
Total idiots.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Israel should gas them!

Anonymous said...

Like saying we will stop unconstitutional sobriety checkpoints when no one is DUI anymore.