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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Italy to 224 migrants on ship: '[They] will only see Italy on a postcard'

Italy’s new hardline, anti-immigrant interior minister has refused port to a Dutch-flagged rescue ship carrying more than 200 migrants because it is now in Maltese waters.

On Thursday, Matteo Salvini accused the ship, which is operated by German NFO Mission Lifeline, of acting improperly by taking on board the 224 migrants that the Italian coast guard had assigned to the Libyan coast guard to rescue. He claimed the rescue was in Libyan waters, which Lifeline denies.

“I want to save lives but I’m paid by Italians to defend the safety of Italian citizens. I don’t accept there are organizations of pseudo-volunteers that endanger the lives of those who flee Africa and then think to disembark them all in Italy,” he said.

He added that those on board the ship "will only see Italy on a postcard".



Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the continent of Africa, anyway?

Anonymous said...

It's controlled by a bunch of Obama's!

Anonymous said...

Did they sell many postcards?

Anonymous said...

5:21 it's filled with Africans.