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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Miami's Solution to Teachers' Housing Problems: Let Them Live at School

Miami is taking the trend of teacher housing one step further than other places. But do teachers want to live where they work -- even if it means cheaper rent?

Teacher strikes have lit up red states over the last month as educators reach their breaking point with stagnant wages and inadequate education funding.

But teachers struggle to make ends meet all over the country.

On average, teachers make just 60 percent of what similarly educated professionals are paid, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In some of the most expensive cities, they struggle to put a roof over their heads.

In a 2017 Apartment List analysis, San Francisco was the worst offender: Fifth-year teachers in the city have to spend nearly 70 percent of their income -- almost three times the recommended amount -- to rent a one-bedroom apartment. Miami, New York and Seattle all closely follow San Francisco on the list.

In Miami, where the average teacher spends 50 percent of their income on rent, local officials are proposing a novel solution: Let teachers live at school.



Anonymous said...

Boo friggin hoo. Welcome to the rest of the world and what we deal with.

Anonymous said...

Oh heck no!!!

But if it has come to this, it is a seriously sad state of affairs. How can one raise a family or even have any sort of life this way?

I feel adequately compensated in Md. Could I make more doing something else? Yes. But teaching is a great profession and the pay in Md. is above-average for our nation.

Now, I know there will be the ignorant posters that group almost 2 million educators as raging liberals, union bots, and, my personal favorite, "part-time" workers. For you all, I say, "Why is there a teacher shortage if it is so glamorous? Why don't you become a teacher yourself?" You too could have a lifetime of student loans, second-guessing by liberal edu-crats, the federal government, administrators, a hostile BOE, and out-of-control children with no moral foundation!

Anonymous said...

Miami's Solution to Teachers' Housing Problems: Let Them Live at School

Bill McCain told the Greater Salisbury Committee(Mike Dunn) that he wants the GSC to work on getting property tax waivers for all school teachers in Wicomico County.

I heard his wife is a school teacher. That means if you elect this Democrat he is going to fight to get the tax waiver for HIM and his wife. Typical Democrat.

Anonymous said...