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Monday, March 12, 2018

Update for Golden Gloves

Washington DC Golden Gloves Update

Rosecroft Raceway Fort Washington MD.

In Week 4 of the Washington DC Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament, Main St Gym continues to advance with local boxers.

Last week in the week 3 of the tournament Erick Acosta, a student at Bennett Middle School was awarded the Championship medal in the 126 lb. Junior Division as a walkover champion.

Also last week in week 3, 132lb Junior division Jordan Brown, a 9th grader at Delmar High School turned in his best performance to date in a see-saw battle with Reginald Clark fighting out of Hillcrest Boxing in DC. The two young boxers battled to standing crowd at the final bell. Brown lost the decision but proved that has broken through to another level and is eager will continue his path to become a Junior Champions in the upcoming Junior Olympic Tournament next month.

Main St Gym’s Markeese Hines advanced again in week 3 to the semi finals that will be held on March 24th. Hines has been dominating in his 152lb Novice division.

In Saturday night’s preliminary bouts for week 4, Thomas Mottinger put on a show of power and punching accuracy against a game Jordan Scott from DC. Mottinger landed solid punches that caused the ring doctor to check on Scott twice through the three round bout to make sure he was ok to continue. In the end all three judges saw that Mottinger dominated the bout, which sends him to the Golden Gloves DC finals on April 7th

Also winning in Saturday nights preliminary bouts from the Eastern Shore was Marquette McMillian, fighting out of the Down Under Boxing, who will advance to the finals on April 7th.

Main St Gym’s Corey Moore of Salisbury will also advance to the Semi finals on March 24th in the 152lb Open class, while big James “Matt” McMurdo a teacher at Prince St Elementary School will advance to the State Finals on April 7th in the Super Heavyweight Division. This is his first year as an open class boxer and has been working hard for a State Championship on the 7th to be able to advance to the regional tournament on May 4th.

“Right now we are in a good position with on 2 open class guys in the finals, 1 open class boxer in the semi finals and 1 novice in the semi finals. Erick Acosta already holds a championship and even our loss was a terrific performance by Jordan Brown that’s impressed everyone. So we just want to keep sharpening skills and maintain conditioning.” Said Main St. Coach, Hal Chernoff. “Everyone just has to be thinking about their next bout and not get caught up with anything beyond that. This is as solid of a team as we have every had and a great group of people.”


Anonymous said...

I love non pro fights.Everything is as you see it with no fixes.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard anything about Fernando lately. Is he still boxing, and if so, how is he doing?