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Monday, March 12, 2018

The FBI Now Admits It Could Have Prevented The Florida High School Shooting

Amid the fallout from the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, FL, that left 17 dead, the FBI and local law enforcement received widespread criticism for their inability to prevent the shooting despite multiple warning signs and opportunities.

On Tuesday, the FBI admitted these failures to the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing focused on how the bureau handled tips about Nikolas Cruz prior to the massacre.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich met with members of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, acknowledging that, as the House Judiciary Committee’s press release put it, “opportunities were missed.”

That release summarized the takeaways, which have already been highlighted in media reports:

“In September 2017, the FBI received an Internet tip from a video blogger about a threatening comment posted to a YouTube video the blogger had posted. The comment stated, ‘I am going to be a professional school shooter,’ and was posted under the username ‘nikolas cruz.’”

According to the hearing, an FBI office in Mississippi received that tip, but after officials investigated it, they closed the case because “it lacked personal identifiable information on the user who posted the threatening comment” (the username “nikolas cruz” was evidently not enough for the agents to go on).

Apparently, however, the agents could have done more:



Anonymous said...


Take their cars away for a week or ground them at the office?

Sit in the corner...what is the punishment for all these deaths. Maybe "axe" the fat failed presidential candidate what has been her punishment for the same.

Anonymous said...

Woulda, coulda, shoulda....17 kids dead, but they COULD HAVE prevented it! Now what? Does anyone pay a price, besides the kids? Or does our government just fail at what they are charged with doing (protecting Americans), and the kids are just dead? I guess it's like Waco, people are dead, the government is at fault, coverups of wrongdoing are implemented, and no one is held accountable. Even the front line coward was allowed to walk away with his pension, rather than to face any discipline. I know Trump is a great defender of cops and their line of work, but come on Trump, hold them accountable when they fail, from the FBI to the cops on the street.

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE they were wrong, and OF COURSE they admit it.
You know why?
Read the story. There is NO personal responsibility.
"The FBI office"; "the agents"; "the officials", etc.
That's the way government works.
I can pretty much assure you that no heads will roll for this unspeakable tragedy that cost 17 innocent young people their lives.
We live in an age where "it's not my fault". Ever.

Anonymous said...

But the incredibly stupid and asinine democrats want more laws. Many laws are already in place that very much would have prevented this shooting and almost all of the others. But again the waste of oxygen democrats want more laws that the government will fail to enforce. This is why I have no use and can't stand democrats. Their stupidity is astounding.

Anonymous said...

The left can only blame the NRA, when in reality the system in place could have saved the kids and teachers.

Anonymous said...

"Could have" now means ALL heads should roll! Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

SO Florida increases the age to 21 for the purchase of assault weapons and the NRA sues the state. And, yes , the 17 deaths would have been prevented if the age was 21 . It is all about the sale of weapons and the $$$$$

Anonymous said...

One more thing YES the F.B.I. screwed the pooch. Just like their former leader Comey they are not worth a damn.