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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Klein: Here’s Why Hamas Is Stirring Deadly Border Riots with Israel

At least fourteen Gazans were killed and over 1,100 were reportedly wounded in Hamas-instigated mass protests and riots along the Israel-Gaza border. Hamas is singlehandedly responsible for every one of those deaths and injuries.

Israel must use heavy-handed tactics to quell riots in which Gazans attempt to violently storm the border of a sovereign nation. The Times of Israel reported on the deadly tactics used by the so-called protesters: “Rioters threw firebombs and stones at troops, tried to bomb and breach the security fence, and burned tires.” Today’s carnage follows numerous attempted terrorist attacks and infiltrations along the Gaza border during the past six days.

The international news media has largely failed to provide proper context for the “protests” taking place today, framing the events as grassroots demonstrations aiming to secure a Palestinian state.

The AFP, for example, reported:

Tens of thousands of Gazans took to the streets Friday in mass protests calling for Palestinians to be allowed to return to land that their ancestors fled from in the 1948 war but that is now part of Israel.

The AFP, like scores of other news outlets, is seemingly uninterested in asking the simple question: Why the protests now? The shallow coverage misses the fact that the Hamas terrorist organization meticulously planned today’s unrest, and they have been openly calling for a series of upcoming border clashes with Israel slated to peak next month during Israel’s Independence Day celebrations.

Hamas has been selling the mass protest movement as “return rallies”, marketing the fiction that Palestinians have a so-called right of return to the state of Israel.

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They confuse rights with feelings of entitlement. Sort of like here.