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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Obama Judges Rule Cross Monument Must Go, Showing Elections Do Have Consequences

When Republican congressional leaders went to the White House on Jan. 23, 2009—just three days into Barack Obama’s presidency—to discuss legislation, he helpfully reminded them that his policy preferences necessarily had to prevail because “elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”

Obama is out of office now, but the regrettable consequences of his election remain strewn across the political landscape. Perhaps nowhere is that more consequential than in the makeup of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The 4th Circuit handles cases originating from the states of Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Obama appointed six of the eight judges who, on March 1, refused to reconsider a wrongheaded 2-1 ruling of a 4th Circuit panel last fall. That ruling found the World War I memorial Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland, suddenly “unconstitutional” after more than 90 years without controversy.



Anonymous said...

Thousands of people should show up to the scums home with thousands of crosses.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone would be happy though if they put a stupid statue of Obama there. This crap is what makes people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

Anonymous said...

How long something has been in violation of the Constitution has zero relevance as to it's legality.

There is no ambiguity as to the iconography. This is absolutely, without question, a Christian image. No one can assume that it is anything else.

This is the very textbook example of the violation of the establishment clause.

Crosses as a grave marker can be argued also function as a grave marker, and are recognized as such. So stop worrying about Arlington cemetery.

Why is it that Christians feel compelled to force feed their religion and it's iconography down everyone else's throats? Why do these monuments HAVE to be Christian iconography. Doesn't it make more sense to have a monument that represents ALL Americans? Someone please tell me why it HAS to be a Christian one.... and why that is a better option?

PRO TIP: Being made to be the same and equal as every other person or religion does not make your special, and does not make you persecuted.

Anonymous said...

This is truly evil in so many ways. A memorial for WWI deaths. What the hell are liberals thinking? Err... just answered my own question.

lmclain said...

6:52....are are one truly over-the-top hater.

AND stupid.

How about not looking at it, or does the sight of a cross make you run back to your dirt filled coffin?