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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HEADS UP: Main Stream Media Is Using Trickery Again

The Main Stream Media is trying to trick the American people into believing members of President Trumps Cabinet are voting in TWO different states. HOWEVER, be careful what you read. 

Their headlines read: 

CNN: Trump cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin is also registered to vote in two states 

MSN: Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud'

Ladies & Gentlemen, even I am registered to vote in two different states. Why, because the Liberals refuse to participate in PURGING voter registration lists. Heck, Salisbury/Wicomico County lists haven't been purged in almost 20 years!

Their headlines CLEARLY do NOT state that these people actually voted in two states, just that they are registered in two states. The MSM is DESPERATE and completely full of crap. You need to cut them off, seriously. This is way out of control. 


JoeAlbero said...

By the way, I tried to comment on their sites but they wouldn't let my comments through.

Anonymous said...

I am registered in PA also, but I live and vote here. I never really even thought about it. How do you "unregister"?

JoeAlbero said...

You can't unregister. The media is trying to imply people affiliated with Trump are voting in two different states, that's what makes their waste of space articles such BS. They know damn well you can't unregister, yet they'll put these stories out there, like it's going to make a difference. They're trying to belittle Trumps attempt to expose the liberal voter fraud. Such as, take away all the illegals that voted AND the convicted felons and it will prove Trump also won the popular vote.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I have a friend who moved to Wicomico Cty from another State a few years back. He has lived in three different voting districts,and gets a voter ID card from all three.He did the change of address,but still gets the old ones.He's honest and only votes in his residence district.

Anonymous said...

5:26 You should vote in PA so your vote counts.

Anonymous said...

We definitely need system modification.

Anonymous said...

Can I maybe get a P.O. box in each state and register? Then have a absentee ballot mailed to me here and vote for Trump in each state. Won't hurt my feelings, then get a new I.D. and vote twice in each state. Don't bust on me for my comment, in 2020 it won't be necessary. Even the democrats will be begging to get Trump in again.

Anonymous said...

Right you can't unregister. The only way is to not vote for awhile and when they get around to, if ever, purging the voter rolls your name will be dropped.