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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Why Innocent Men Have to be Worried About the #MeToo Movement

“It now takes only one accusation to destroy a man’s life. Just one for him to be tried and sentenced in the court of public opinion, overnight costing him his livelihood and social respectability. We are on a frenzied extrajudicial warlock hunt that does not pause to parse the difference between rape and stupidity. The punishment for sexual harassment is so grave that clearly this crime—like any other serious crime—requires an unambiguous definition. We have nothing of the sort.” – Claire Berlinski

Men and women have different roles in the mating process. A man who isn’t willing to be the aggressor will likely spend his life alone. You’ve got to interpret signals to see if there’s a chance for you, then be willing to risk rejection, ask women out and instigate everything from the first date, to the first kiss, to the first sexual encounter to marriage if it gets that far. Granted, there are exceptions, but this is generally the role that men play.

On the other hand, most women play a much more passive role. They tend to give out subtle and oftentimes erratic signals, wait for men to come to them and then decide whether they will allow things to move forward.

Note that when I say “subtle and oftentimes erratic signals,” I am not kidding. Just to give you some real world examples of what that can entail…

* A woman may flirt with you solely because she wants the attention.

* A woman may just be habitually flirty.

* A woman may flirt with you despite having no intentions of going any further, because she already has a boyfriend, but wants an orbiter waiting in the wings just in case things don’t work out.

* A woman may be really flirty today, meet a guy tomorrow and then lose all interest.

* A woman may talk dirty to you like she’s ready to have sex; then when she arrives at your house, she loses her nerve.

* A woman may drink so that she can have sex, use the alcohol as an excuse and not feel like a slut later.

* A woman may say “no” to doing something physical now, change her mind 5 minutes later, and then allow things to go forward.

* A woman who would never go to your house specifically to have sex, will go because of the most laughable premise imaginable because that way, she can tell herself the “sex just happened” and she won’t feel like a slut.

* A woman may talk dirty, give every signal imaginable that she’s into you and still refuse to have sex because she has a three date rule.


Anonymous said...

Just face it,the face of dating has changed forever because women have shot themselves in the foot with this foolishness.Guys will be a lot more selective from this point forward if they don't want their lives ruined.

Steve said...

It's just time for all of us to be logical and look behind the obvious motives behind 40 year old allegations brought up weeks before an election when nobody was upset or insulted for 40 freaking years.

Intelligent people can fathom such concepts.

Ignorant people can't.

Hence, the election results show the voting base.

They elected Jones, or rigged the polls so he would win, you pick that one.

Anonymous said...

Here sign this release form then we can bump uglies.

Anonymous said...

As a woman and mother of a son, I am glad that someone is speaking up about this. Women have used and continue to use their sexuality to get what they want. The shame of it all is twofold: first, the real victims of sexual assault are negated with the reckless allegations of false accusers; second, the lives of men who are falsely accused are ruined forever. We live in a world where anyone can accuse anyone of anything and the legal system is only too happy to give merit to the lies. How can a person prove that he or she did not do something? Can you prove that you didn't sneeze yesterday? Can you prove that when you complimented a co-worker that your intentions were not sexual? Women-especially mothers who love their sons, need to fight this. The movement is not a victory for women; it is s terrible loss for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Consent forms before going on a date. Then separate consent form before sexual contact... at work DO NOT talk to a female or look at without a witness...

Anonymous said...

It's funny that on a beach some of them will wear next to nothing, and if you are not the one they are trying to attract, and they catch you looking at them, then you are a pervert.
Yet they wear outfits to get noticed!
Maybe that is why in Islamic countries, they force women to cover up.