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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

BREAKING: Antifa-Linked Group Bragged About "Railline Disruptions" Last Week - Were They Behind Today's Amtrak Crash?

Just days before today’s reportedly deadly Amtrak crash in Washington State, the Puget Sound Anarchists – an Antifa-linked group that routinely calls for its members to engage in direct action against its perceived oppressors – bragged about initiating “Railline Distruptions” [sic] in the area.
On December 9th, an anonymous poster on the Puget Sound Anarchists’ website wrote: “During this week we attached wire and jumper cables to the main Union Pacific rail line running through the state of Nebraska to disrupt rail signals and delay trains that mainly carry coal from the mountainous west to population centers in the east.”

Moreover, the author noted that “Inspiration for us came from the blockade in Olympia, Unist’ot’en camp in unceded Wet’suwet’en territory, and other actions large and small across turtle island.”

The post then ended with a disturbing cryptic message:

“until the complete destruction of time itself,
love and rage from the middle of nowhere”



Anonymous said...

Why is the Government allowing George Soros to enter / operate in the US. Soros should be banned along with his family. They should also confiscate all his assets in the US. ANTIFA and other anarchist groups / organizations are funded by Soros and family through money donations or through different tax exempt organizations Soros / family has formed. So you have to blame the Federal government for allowing their existence.

Anonymous said...

They are only responsible if it was one on their members driving the train at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Anonymous said...

80mph in a 30mph zone....I think the reason for the accident is already clear.