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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2 Virginia deputies shot responding to domestic dispute on Christmas Eve

Two Virginia deputies were shot when a man fired at them during a Christmas Eve dispute with his daughter, police said.

Three deputies responded to a “domestic incident” just before 4 p.m. at a home in Loudoun County, about 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., police said. The deputies found Douglas V. Johnson Jr., 39, arguing with his 19-year-old daughter in the house and attempted to calm him, according to FOX5DC.

About an hour later, Johnson walked upstairs and into a bedroom closet. Two of the deputies attempted to arrest him when he reached for a gun and fired a spray of bullets, striking both the officers. One deputy deployed his taser and struck Johnson.

The two deputies, a man and a woman, were hospitalized and treated for gunshot wounds to one arm and their legs.

“I am proud of the actions and bravery of our deputies tonight and would like to thank the community for the outpouring of support we have already received,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman said in a news release.



Anonymous said...

"One deputy deployed his taser and struck Johnson."

WTF!! Using a taser on a murderer that is using a real gun on cops? Where TF did you get your Liberal training. That kind of training is what will keep getting police officers killed.

This deputy should be fired because the father should have been eliminated.

Anonymous said...

They are afraid to defend themselves and be put down or even charged.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

If ever there was a righteous shooting, that would have been the case right there!

Anonymous said...

Amen! That deputy that deployed his taser should be fired. That was a bad decision and got officers shot. That is just as bad as an officer making the wrong decision and shooting an unarmed citizen. Fire him, it’s the same principle!!

Anonymous said...