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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Things Couldn’t Be Better

Donald Trump tells me our best days are ahead. Once his tax cut plan is passed, the future will be so bright I’ll have to wear shades.

Sometimes a single chart reveals the truth being obscured by the Deep State propaganda machine, working overtime selling their economic recovery narrative. The economy most certainly is booming for Wall Streeters and D.C. parasites sucking on the teet of Federal government largess. But for the average working deplorable, this supposed recovery has passed them by.

The cognitive dissonance is strong, as average Americans want to believe what their “leaders” are telling them to believe, but their personal financial situation contradicts the narrative. Even using the highly manipulated data peddled by the BLS, any critical thinking individual can see through the lies, misinformation and bullsh!t.



Anonymous said...

The tax cuts are far less than ideal. As expected they run off the principal that saving businesses money will lead to more development and more jobs. Lets hope for once it actually works.

On the other hand you have the ugly truth: the tax plan is being pushed through by Republicans who are doing so to keep their seats. Their donors want relief and if they don't get it their re-election money dries up.

Anonymous said...

2.79 million federal employees are shaking in their shoes because streamlining is en route.Even Fox refuses to address that issue.The # of federal US employees are about to eclipse the # of incarcerated individuals in this country.Obama had the crazy idea that creating federal jobs would reduce the unemployment rate.Duh,it barely moved the needle.