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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Ditching Smartphones: ‘Dumbphones’ With Basic Functions Appealing To Some

These days, our smartphones can do it all.

“Track my sleep, track my workouts,” said David Dahan of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“I use it a lot for mobile banking,” added Megan Killea of Philadelphia.

“Snapchat,” laughed Alicia Dyson of North Philly.

Gone are the days when phones are used to simply talk or text. But, what if we could go back to just that?

“Disconnect for a while, stress-free,” said Patrice White.

Christina Colon of Brooklyn, New York wasn’t so sure. “I don’t think I’d be able to function going back,” she said.

As Apple and Android release $1,000 smartphones, with more features than ever, could dumbphones be the next big seller?

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Anonymous said...

Love my dumbphone. I have a computer if I want to go online.

Anonymous said...

When the phone is smarter than me it has to go.I went back to my old flip phone and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

I still am using my samsung slider phone. I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

I want a phone to make phone calls with. What's so hard about that? Also, maybe text occasionally, but that's all.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why anyone wants to surf the web on a little screen. It's way too much scrolling. And it uses too much data on your phone which makes your bill more expensive. I have a smart phone which I can use for talking or texting and I can look at the internet on it if I wanted, but I seldom do. $48 per month. I hear people talking about their ridiculous cell phone bills & can't believe the amounts they pay.

Anonymous said...

I always had a flip phone and liked it. When it stopped being able to take pictures is when my wife bought me a smartphone. I despise a phone in the first place. I would rather text than talk on a phone and even texting gets to be too much at times.

And then with all the phone scams nowadays, more reason not to answer. If I don't recognize the number chances are it will go to voicemail.

Anonymous said...

First sign of being a old fogey-complaining about new technology, lol.

Anonymous said...

Everything new is not always better or an improvement.