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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Doctor Burnout Big Health Threat

Complaining of burnout and job dissatisfaction, many U.S. doctors plan to reduce their work hours or leave medicine altogether, a new study reveals.

"Our findings have profound implications for health care organizations," according to the researchers from the American Medical Association (AMA), the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University.

The study found that about one in five doctors intends to reduce work hours in the next year. And about one in 50 intends to leave medicine for a different career within the next two years.

The demands of electronic health records were among the challenges leading to job dissatisfaction.

If only 30 percent of those doctors follow through on their plans to leave medicine, that would mean a loss of nearly 4,800 doctors. That's about the same as losing the graduating classes of 19 U.S. medical schools in each of the next two years, the researchers explained.


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Jim said...

When we go to our appointments at the VA, the doctor or other provider spends MOST of the appointment typing. Not listening or examining. Typing.

The computerized record receives much more attention than the patient. And they have no choice.

Anonymous said...

30-50 appointments a day will burn anyone out.