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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Group of Professors: Math is “unjust” and “oppressive” to minority students

Alright, we get it! Everything is terrible and horrible and no matter what we do, minorities are always going to have the short end of the stick in everything from minor social interactions to board room discussions. Can we just stop labeling every single thing on the planet as “racist” or “oppressive”?

I don’t even know how one considers math to be “unjust.” Sure it sucks and it’s hard for a lot of people, but it’s one of those things that just IS. Calling math biased against minorities is like saying that gravity is bigoted. It absolutely cannot be any of those things. It’s just FACT. It’s one of the least biased things in the world, and yet somehow social justice warriors have managed to convince highly educated university professors that the subject they are teaching is somehow slanted in favor of people with lighter skin. (Because you know, your skin color dictates your ability to find “x” in an equation.)



Anonymous said...

The answer seems simple. Then dont teach them math then. Just like everything else in life the reward is sweeter when you do things for yourself. So we give them 2500 years to develop math on there own. Algebra, Geometry, addition and division. In the mean time they get dumber and we simple pay for them to exsist and cause trouble.

Does that sum up the racist left? Pretty much.

For the idiots on the left, I will relay to you what this sounds like to the people who want to make life better for all people. Here goes.
- minorities are dumb.
- they cant learn cause its to hard.
- besides we can just keep giving them money to have kids and occupy space.

If this is not blatently racist of the elite DBag supposedly educated left than nothing is. Plus its incredibly condesending and presumptive.

Anonymous said...

The racial excuse is just smoke and mirrors, like usual. But, these professors are being paid well to turn 180 degrees on dumb down future they will more easily be ruled, controlled and enslaved.

Anonymous said...

And the profs are ignorant. period!!!

Anonymous said...

Academia has become the refuge of soft thinking.

Anonymous said...

That is the most racist thing I've heard...If you really listen to what Democrats say about black people.

Anonymous said...

These are the ones screaming they deserve $15 an hour and cannot give change for a $10.

lmclain said...

Would YOU stand by while someone from another race claims that YOUR race is just too stupid, waaaaay too stupid, to learn NUMBERS (!).
Of course, one has to take that attitude with a grain of salt, because those same minorities are CONSTANTLY telling white people that they will never be anything, become anything, own anything, or learn anything unless WHITE PEOPLE continue to give them things. Help them. Even then, they still can't make the grade. They need MORE in order to be "equal".
If left to their own devices, they'd still be trying to figure out the wheel. Calculus??? 2-3000 years before THAT gets invented.
Too stupid to live. That's their claim. HELP US WHITE MAN!! And they cheer like their lottery numbers came out this morning.
Apparently, in addition to being stupid, they don't have any pride either.

Anonymous said...

I believe that if math is too hard or impossible to learn (referring to Calculus etc) then basic math for every day living should be taught and taught well. An individual who is not good at math should not be considered stupid. Their not. Doesn't matter what race.