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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

GOP Would Rather Lose than Fight

America is at war. Not with a particular country, in spite of our endless entanglements in the Middle East. Instead the war is against a more nebulous enemy. One that goes by many names. The status quo. The deep state. The establishment. The elites.

The enemy is everywhere. Media, entertainment, sports, academia, and among the ruling class in Washington, DC. A ruthless enemy, barbarians, willing to keep fighting despite setbacks and defeat. Singleminded in focus, the enemy wants to “fundamentally transform America”, creating a “new world order,” to borrow phrases from both sides of the political aisle.

Who are the opponents? Who is pushing back? One might think the Republican Party is the resistance to the progressive enemy. A slide toward socialism, communism, fascism, or any other “ism” leaving the anointed ones in power deciding for the masses what is best, how they should live, what they should think, how they should behave.

Yet the GOP is not pushing back, instead its members acquiescing or cowering in fear of being called mean names by the prominent newspapers and television networks. Acting like wimps. Not willing to fight, to teach, to explain -- the only way to win this war.



Anonymous said...

Is the drain stopped up , call rotto rotter to drain this swamp.

Anonymous said...

I hope most are paying enough attention to understand WHY their not pushing back...over half the GOP are in fact the LEFT...they are traitors, not just of the Party but traitors to the Nation. By doing nothing, its a win for the progressives, the globalist, the communist...and shear destruction to this Country. No One will be found guilty of high crimes....because all those in charge are on the same team...same gang...same corrupt criminals...with the same agenda.