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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Democrats Revert to ‘It’s Okay When Our Guy Does It’ in Defending Franken

The scourge of situational morality is suddenly bipartisan. 

The Senate sex-and-power calculus has come to this: Roy Moore fans say, “Al Franken isn’t dropping out. Why should our guy?” Al Franken fans say, “Roy Moore isn’t dropping out. Why should our guy?” 

The language of power has, for some on both sides, displaced the language of right and wrong. We’ve gotten to the point where politics is so divisive that it’s common for both sides to reserve their outrage exclusively for acts committed by their ideological foes. When repulsive acts are revealed, no one should say, “Hang on, let me check the party affiliation of the perpetrator before I decide how I feel about this.”


Anonymous said...

Women must be OK with it.

Anonymous said...

It's not okay.

Anonymous said...

Spoken by a snowflake