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Monday, October 09, 2017

Williams: Blacks vs. Police

Let’s throw out a few numbers so we can put in perspective the NFL players taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem. Many say they are protesting against police treatment of blacks and racial discrimination. We might ask just how much sense their protest makes.

According to The Washington Post, 737 people have been shot and killed by police this year in the United States. Of that number, there were 329 whites, 165 blacks, 112 Hispanics, 24 members of other races and 107 people whose race was unknown. In Illinois, home to one of our most dangerous cities — Chicago — 18 people have been shot and killed by police this year. In the city itself, police have shot and killed 10 people and shot and wounded 10 others. Somebody should ask the kneeling black NFL players why they are protesting this kind of killing in the Windy City and ignoring other sources of black death.

Here are the Chicago numbers for the ignored deaths. So far in 2017, there have been 533 murders and 2,880 shootings. On average, a person is shot every two hours and 17 minutes and murdered every 12 ½ hours. In 2016, when Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee, Chicago witnessed 806 murders and 4,379 shootings. It turns out that most of the murder victims are black. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that Chicago has a 12.7 percent murder clearance rate. That means that when a black person is murdered, his perpetrator is found and charged with his murder less than 13 percent of the time.

Similar statistics regarding police killing blacks versus blacks killing blacks apply to many of our predominantly black urban centers, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis and Oakland. Many Americans, including me, see the black NFL player protest of police brutality as pathetic, useless showboating. Seeing as these players have made no open protest against the thousands of blacks being murdered and maimed by blacks, they must view it as trivial in comparison with the police killings.

Most of the police killings fit into the category of justified homicide.

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Anonymous said...


If blacks erase the Statues of slavery then will they stop complaing about it ?

Anonymous said...

Black politicians (99% Democrat) are in it to prolong the agony and discord, for without it they wouldn't have an edge to get elected and reelected. They use those deaths as chips in a big poker game in which there are no winners, except themselves.

lmclain said...

For black people (not all, but MANY) it's much easier to blame OTHER PEOPLE for their incarceration rate, their single mother catastrophe, their literacy rate, their dropout rate, and their poverty.
TRILLIONS of dollars in gifts, help, and assistance haven't changed their pitiful position of waiting for people who THEY SAY hate them to also HELP (!!) them, with MORE free stuff and ready made excuses for failure.
It's always someone else.
What? Just another couple of trillion dollars and another couple of generations on welfare and you will be able to get something with only your own effort??
Because people won't stop picking on you?
Come on, white people, dig deep for those who can't accomplish anything because white people don't give them enough things.
When you ignore scholastic achievement because you are going to be a pro player, but when your dreams crash because you don't even know what YEAR it is, it's "white privilege" that did that?
White people impregnated those three women you have four kids by??
White people made you punch the McDonald's clerk because your fry order got messed up?
White people told you it was okay to have your 15 year old son hanging out on the street at 1AM on a Thursday night?
Fix yourself.

STOP thinking ANYONE is "holding you down". You are doing a pretty good job of that yourself.
Keep whining.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, their agenda has nothing to do with facts.