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Monday, October 09, 2017

Christians Walked In Gay Man’s Coffee Shop To Order – He Kicked Them Out Refusing Service

It turns out the “bake the cake” crowd isn’t as tolerant as they want us to think that they are.

A group of Christians walked into a coffee shop owned by a homosexual man and they were immediately mocked and kicked out by the man, who refused to serve them. The irony here is that Christians are 100% willing to serve members of the LGBT community, as long as those people don’t ask the business to engage in their wedding ceremony.

But at no time has a Christian business owner blown up on their gay customers. (I assure you, or it would be all over the Internet and people would be calling for their metaphorical heads.)



Anonymous said...

Do, no, no...

Steve said...

Viewing this video makes me juxtapose the scene to a few gays sitting at a Hetero run coffee shop.

HHMMMMMM...... think about the opposite happening. Mom & Pop find out they have a group of gay/ lesbians patronizing their establishment and attack them verbally threatening a live sex show if they don't leave?

Am I the only one thinking this couple would not become the next gay wedding cake bakers to be hung out to dry?????

I mean, really!

Anonymous said...

Hate crime hate crime. Racism racism ....close it down .....isn't it funny how the ones we'll fight for equality and all that end up being the ones who are the bigots!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they sue him?

Anonymous said...

If I KNEW it was a gay coffee shop, I would never set foot in there. It would be like going into a gay bar. Only gays go there. Its for THEM.

Anonymous said...

Just like the baker has to serve the public if it is not a private club, so must this coffee shop owner.

If either business wants to refuse any certain group, then that's fine, they can change their business into a private club and only serve to members.

While I understand this mans reasons for being so bent out of shape, he had no right to refuse service, and no right at all to accost these Christians.

He should probably be facing a lawsuit.