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Friday, October 13, 2017

Texas State Looking For Math Profs Committed To 'Social Justice'

There are a few classes where one's politics really are irrelevant. Despite Leftist claims that everything is subjective, there are a few places where that just can't be true. Subjectivity may change someone's outlook on history, for example, but it doesn't do anything about changing the fact that 2+2=4.

But that's not stopping Texas State University

From Campus Reform:

Texas State University is hoping to hire two Math Education professors with a demonstrated and longstanding commitment to “social justice.”

According to the job postings on Inside Higher Ed, the two new professors must not only share TSU’s commitment to “education equity” and “social justice,” but should preferably also have a demonstrated record of engagement or academic research on the issue.

The openings are for both tenured or tenure-track positions at the “ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor,” with different levels of social-justice expertise preferred at each level.

Among the preferred qualifications for the Assistant Professor rank is a “demonstrated knowledge and engagement” with issues including “social justice, equity, access, and multilingual learning,” while the Associate and Full Professor ranks prefer “evidence of research and practices” on such topics.

Multilingual learning makes some sense, because schools do have a number of students who don't fully grasp English. The rest?

Absolute crap.



Anonymous said...

Social justice IS racism.

Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE really know what "social justice" means????

Anonymous said...

LOL, you guys couldn't understand earlier this week how the Obama library deciding to keep electronic records only did not equate to "not keeping records". Therefore I would expect you to not understand the reasoning behind this decision here.

lmclain said...

Thank God we have pretentious intellectuals like yourself to keep us poor shorebillies up to date.
If it wasn't for you, we would all still be in the dark over how records are kept and maintained.
I'm pretty sure you made the part up about some citizens thinking that 'electronic records' was the same as 'no records'.
You made that up. No one said that or even inferred it.
I, therefore, would not expect any sound reasoning from you on anything.
You make up a story and then insult a group of people based on a lie you created? You have a future in "journalism".
Your momma called. Said your clothes have been folded and are ready to be put away. Wants to know if the Magic tournament will be over by 9.