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Friday, October 13, 2017

Complaining About A TV Network

This explanation is from the FCC website:

As public trustees, broadcasters may not intentionally distort the news. The FCC has stated publicly that "rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest." The FCC may act to protect the public interest when it has received documented evidence, such as testimony from persons who have direct personal knowledge of an intentional falsification of the news. Without such documented evidence, the FCC generally cannot intervene.

The FCC cannot interfere with a broadcaster's selection and presentation of material for the news and/or its commentary. However, the FCC does regulate content in some narrow areas. Federal law prohibits or limits the broadcast of obscene, indecent or profane language as defined by U.S. courts. Also, the FCC may issue penalties for knowingly broadcasting false information.

It sounds like the monkey is on our back to provide the proof. Someone will have provide insider information to nail a MSM broadcaster.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a mass revocation.

Anonymous said...

All to be given Breathalizers weekly !!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'd like to see a mass revocation.

October 13, 2017 at 10:18 AM

You can do that yourself. Simply turn your tv off. Simple. Effective. And your life will greatly improve, I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

It was Obama's FCC. It still can't believe that it isn't Hillary's.

Anonymous said...

11:12 I have also done this myself. Can't stand watching this channel anymore. So sick of the lies, and all Delaware all the time fluff pieces. It's sad when you can't even watch or enjoy the local news. Can't trust what they say and I'm fed up with them disparaging our President referring to Trump as" The Trump Presidency" as if he isn't a valid president each morning.
Totally sick of the liberal slant and the Delaware News and armature commercials. Local car dealers like like Holley Kia, make fun of people on the shore. I'd like to tell Jim that i'd like to see yea under a bus!!! Has anyone investigated Bless Our Children? I wonder if they have been audited to see if the money they raise truly goes to the charities they claim to support.
Wmdt isn't much better. Looks like kids just out of college. Like looking at the TV announcements when I was in high school. At least they report more of the happens here in Maryland and the Salisbury area. That's more than WBOC ever will do.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

You can do that yourself. Simply turn your tv off. Simple. Effective. And your life will greatly improve, I guarantee it.

October 13, 2017 at 11:12 AM


Jon Dize/DIZEMAN responds:

That's right, you can isolate yourself from news, events and live a happy, ignorant life. CLUELESS and IGNORANCE are not only bliss... they are dangerous.

Not to mention it is not all about YOU, nor ME... TV influences OTHERS out there that may be receiving information that is detrimental, even dangerous to YOU and YOURS, ME and MINE.

I'd rather be informed, which is why I read upwards of 60 foreign newspapers a month and retrieve information from a variety of news sources, which include MSM and OTHERS, some that most people never have access to, then I research which is more likely to be true, based on EVIDENCE or lack thereof.

News of current events is important, but what is more important is that our national news coverage be fair, accurate, non-biased, without any evidence of political subjectivity and certainly without bolstering or promoting any particular political party.

CNN even admits they did all they could to help Hillary win.


They should not have an FCC license is they are going to pose as journalists, use all of the benefits journalists are afforded and then act as a political operative for the Democratic Party.

Examples of CNN's bias and push to protect the Democrats and destroy President Trump.

CNN, the largest and most technically advanced News Broadcasting agency in the world, who can broadcast from remote locations in the darkest, regions of this planet... somehow cannot maintain a satellite feed when someone disparages Clinton or promotes Donald Trump.

Then there are out and out lies CNN tells, which is entirely against the rules and ethics of journalism as found here.

Rules of Journalism found Here...

Staging News Events? Totally not allowed, News is supposed to be GATHERED, COLLECTED, CAPTURED, not MANUFACTURED.

I use Blue Screens all the time and both Blue Screens and Green Screens used to replace real backgrounds with whatever images or video you choose are a very specific color of blue and green. These colors do not appear in virtually anything other than blue screens and green screens, because if anything else in the frame is the same color as a blue screen or green screen, that hat, dress, table cloth etc. would disappear along with the background.

THIS IS A BLUE SCREEN in a studio, not on a balcony of a war theater.

EVEN ABC NEWS gets in on faking news, STAGING NEWS...

Now some say STAGING A NEWS SCENE is not flying. Well, I have been a photojournalist, staff writer for several publications, my images, news packets and editorial works have been published 1,190 times in 80 mags and rags world-side and I can tell you, if my publisher, former Nevada Governor Mike O'Callaghan and First Lady of Nevada Carolyn O'Callaghan had caught me staging a news scene or promoting one political party over another, I would have been fired on the spot. BECAUSE THEY WERE ETHICAL PEOPLE AND UNDERSTOOD WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A JOURNALIST.

Anonymous said...

October 13, 2017 at 3:07 PM

Oh for God's sake, do you just like to hear yourself talk? Not watching tv will automatically make someone clueless and ignorant? If that were the case, you must have never watched tv since your ignorance knows no bounds.

We live in the age of the internet now. There is NO need to even own a tv anymore. This blog, for example, informs more people and with MORE facts than these local stations. There are THOUSANDS of news sites online every day. So for anyone to be living a blissful life of ignorance and clueless of what is happening in the world, they would really, really have to put some effort into it.

And what good is watching tv news if what they show is biased, slanted, even fake and full of lies? Ever hear that quote, people who don't read a newspaper are uninformed, and those that do read a newspaper are misinformed.

Go back to your rocking chair and puff on your pipe.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

9:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake, do you just like to hear yourself talk...

Jon Dize/DIZEMAN Response: Well, I did make an error in my prose, in that I should have said you should include TV as one of your sources.

The MORE resources you resource helps build a larger body of knowledge. My point is, if you exclude TV or however you get your NEWS, you will miss information that is critical in knowing how the nation is being informed.

MSM is attempting to control the direction of this nation through mainstream mass media. AND TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ARE ABSORBING AND REACTING TO THAT DIRECTIVE INFORMATION.

That is DANGEROUS. If you do not know what they are saying, then you don't know what it is they are directing.

CLEARLY as is so often the case, you picked a point of reference and totally missed the GOAL of my comment and that was to show that to be informed ONE MUST USE EVERY RESOURCE AVAILABLE and watch the TV/MSM to know what they are doing, what they are attempting to direct and realize just how effective they can be and are being.

I understand the personal attacks. I have lived a long time and how how this works.

People either like me or they don't, but nobody who knows me at all ever, EVER uses the word ignorant or clueless. I spent 12 years researching, following content, watched over 100 beheadings which will never appear on MSM, tracking the movements of ISLAM, Al Qaeda and DAESH to the point of reading the Quran twice to better understand the psychology of Prophet Muhammad.

Research is what I do, have done most of my adult life. I have a body of knowledge in several areas that most people get to experience.

But again, I know how this works, so even though there are many more details that would show you how silly your personal attack is and how IGNORANT you are of my history.

As far as my sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe... I am going to post that line in my Facebook page where many of my friends know me personally or my work. They will get a kick out of that one.

I've lived more life than most people ever get to experience. I get lucky now and then.

But return to my rocking chair and smoke my pipe?

You cannot offend me with that one. It just reveals your ignorance of the timeline of my life. You don't even know what you don't know.

My post was intended to expose MSM with their own videos as evidence, not my opinion, not FOX NEWS' opinion, but using their own videos to show how often MSM lies to Americans.

I guess you missed that part. I guess I just typed that to read my own words.

I don't have a rocking chair, nor do I smoke, but I do fly to the Grand Canyon for a cheeseburger, grab a bucket of chicken and fly to remote locations, land on dirt roads or dry lake beds and sit on the wing and have a picnic with my wife, explore 30,000 foot deep abandoned Silver mines, SCUBA DIVE with my wife, travel the world and my client list includes names most reading this know. I've had Secret Service (DOD Q Clearance) and traveled in VP George Bush's motorcade in 1988, just before he became President. I know you don't give a shit, but my bio at dizemanDOTcom may help you be LESS IGNORANT when talking about what I return to at the end of the day.

But I know, this is just fresh ammo for you, because clearly that is the kind of person you are. You don't even know what you don't know.

And honestly and frankly, it's really not necessary that you do.

BUT, because I am a nice guy... I wish you the best life has to offer!

I won't play textural ping pong with this... Not my gig!

Anonymous said...

WBOC is jumping on the illegal dollar bandwagon with them televising that telemundo t v station. Why not a German station, a Swahili station, a Hindi station, a Chinese station? There are people from those countries here too. But no, they want the illegals money, to hell with those here LEGALLY. I think WBOC is a democrat owned station anyway. At least they are being transparent, because we can see right through them. Shameful. This is America, where people speak English. Which is required of those who come here from other countries, in order for them to become citizens. So why have a spanish station?