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Friday, October 13, 2017

REPORT: Bill Threw Hillary’s NEW Book In Garbage- Haven’t Been On Speaking Terms For MONTHS!

Can I laugh? I’m going to laugh.

Gossip columnist Ed Klein who has been covering the Clintons and Kennedys for decades has a new book coming out at the end of the month, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump and gives a behind the scenes look at the Clinton camp. Political storytelling is all well and good but it’s nice to hear some insider gossip about the former and God willing never-again First Couple.

Klein says that while Clinton’s What Happened book, that blames everyone except herself for her hilarious election loss to Donald J. Trump, is a bestseller but it didn’t stop her husband Bill from chucking a copy in the trash. A close acquaintance to the Clintons said that Bill told Hillary that “the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused” and that she should not broadcast those qualities, especially since she had just so recently put herself up for the most powerful and important job in the world.

Bill the intern connoisseur also hated the title of the book, saying that the only possible response to a book called What Happened is to say “You lost.” He’s not wrong. He’s wrong about a lot of things: He’s wrong on whether or not it’s morally correct to sexually assault women, but he’s right on the book title. Hillary, apparently, yelled at Bill for his idea to push back the publication date so the book could be rewritten, and she responded that it was “finished and that’s how it’s going to be published.”



Anonymous said...

Lol good.

Now he knows how the American people feel.

Anonymous said...

I will never get tired of watching election night 2016 YouTube videos.
It was all the MSM could do to declare DJT the winner. The funny part was the "strong" "confident" woman Hillary is claimed to be hid like a coward and wouldn't even face her supporters who gathered at the civic center. She's a loser nothing but lying garbage. And so is Bill and that nasty dirty looking daughter.

Anonymous said...

She's embarrassing him and that's saying something, wonder if the daughter has gotten a clue?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long they haven't been on screwing terms