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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Montana company dares San Juan mayor to remove workers helping to restore power

Whitefish Energy on Wednesday asked San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz if she wants the company to remove its workers who are helping to restore power on the island, after she called for the company's contract to be canceled.

"We've got 44 linemen rebuilding power lines in your city & 40 more men just arrived. Do you want us to send them back or keep working?" Whitefish wrote in a tweet to Cruz.

Cruz told Yahoo News on Tuesday night that she was alarmed by the $300 million contract Whitefish signed with Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to rebuild 100 miles of power across the island.



Anonymous said...

Cruz is a moron

Anonymous said...

They sound cocky and empowered....sound like anyone else you know?

This country is going to H#LL

Anonymous said...

Pelosi is all over this but not a peep out of her about where the money went in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Something doesn't sound right here.